Friday, January 20, 2012


 What I wore to class Thursday. 

Black dress shirt
Khaki Pants
Oxford Heels



John B. Marine said...

First of all, your hair is beautiful, along with your face and smile. I do admit there are things I am not usually fond of. One of those is oxford pumps. However, I love these pumps along with the blouse and pants. They go together very nicely, and you look stylish, Mackenzie. Sure you were the most stylish one in the class! :)

hannahstiff said...

I love those khakis. I never thought khakis could be sexy, but you look great!! And the shoes are fab, too! Just found your blog and I love your outfits. I can tell you're going to design school! Just started following you! Come by, say hi and follow if ya feel like it!
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Mackenzie said...

how sweet! Thanks for following! I will for sure check out your blog

The PvdH Journal said...

I love mixing khaki with black- just perfect

alicia said...


Anonymous said...

i've been looking for these shoes for a REALLY long time and really want them is there anyway you could tell me the name of the place you got them from?

Mackenzie said...

Sophia, I actually got these as a gift last year and they are from Charlotte russe.