Sunday, June 5, 2011

1930's Inspired Jacket( made and designed by me)

I designed and made this jacket and dress about 6 months ago.
It was inspired by the floral prints and colors of the 30's.
Of course this is my modern interpretation of the 1930's trends. But I incorporated the 30's looks with the  bolero jacket, accentuated shoulders, floral printed fabric and the teal coloring of both garments. The Jacket has a mock cuff for sleeves and is fully lined with teal silky fabric. The tube  dress is made of teal jersey material, and is cinched at the sides and between the bust area.


Kate Mills said...

Darling jacket! you are so talented :) i love little projects like this. i am now following you. I hope you post more little projects like this!


Mackenzie said...

Thanks so much Kate! What a great compliment=) I am making a sparkle bandeu and I will try and do a post on it!