Monday, June 27, 2011

New sewing Project. Hand Made Bandeau Top

 I finally finished making the Bandeau top that I designed a few months ago! I used a turquoise, dangle sparkle fabric and lined it with nude spandex material. This is a great summer piece based off of the 50's/60's trend.

 The back features a bra hook close.

 I did not make the shorts; only the top.

Dangle sequin fabric from
Feedback welcome.


Preity Lama Tamang said...

this is so effin adorable!! love the color and i love everything thats sparkly and sequinced!!

Mackenzie said...

Thank you=) Yes this sequin fabric is amazing. I love sparkly fabric

Michelle Lee said...

what a lovely coincidence
i was just browsing f21 online and was eyeing on sequin bandeau
love your DIY!

Mackenzie said...

Yea the Bandeau tops are coming back! I think this is one of my favorite trends for summer. Thanks for the compliment, this is my first time making it so its a littl sloppy

Kassandra said...

Hi! lovely bra! :)
nice blog!! i follow you now!
Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

Lucija said...

It's so beautiful!
I would like to seen the shorts, too, if you ever decide to do those!


Opposite lipstick said...

love it!

Bianca said...

such a good idea! cam out really nice!

Mackenzie said...

Thanks! Im glad you guys like it. I have never made one before so this one was a little sloppy.
@Lucija- The shorts were bought not made. I Just thought they looked cute together, needed something to wear for the pic=)