Monday, February 20, 2012

Flower Child

Today was beautiful and breezy. Cold enough for a sweater and boots but sunny enough for a skirt. A perfect combination. 

I tied this outfit together with a tan braided belt and cinched my sweater over a floral top. 
The brown slouch boots match perfectly with the belt. This floral top adds color and print to a neutral outfit. Ruffled tops also add something extra to a basic outfit. 

If you are a casual dresser and  want to try something different, 
Start with an open sweater or cardigan and tie any thin belt around it. Bright colored ones are an easy way to add a statement if you don't know how. 
Or you can go basic with a brown one like I did. 


John B. Marine said...

You are a beautiful fashion goddess, Mackenzie. This outfit is another divine example of your beauty. I love this ruffled top is beautiful. The rest of this outfit is lovely. I also think the slouchy boots are lovely as well. You have the hair and the face of a goddess. Absolutely lovely.

Ally said...

I love this outfit so much!! It could easily be worn for day or night time... love how you belted it as well, adds a little something extra. By the way, you have gorgeous hair!

xoxo Ally

Mandy said...

I love how you belted the sweater!! I always forget to add a belt to simple outfits..really takes it up a notch.

Kini Style & The Klury Report

Ashleigh Nicole said...

Cute floral top!

xo Ashleigh

Milica Lubardic said...

ok, those tips are great! i will follow them :)
love your sense for fashion

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit I need a skirt like that in my wardrobe, I hope you will follow my blog


GossipGirl said...

You have beautiful hair!
I envy :) Welcome !

Fashion Dawgs said...

This is a great work outfit.

Fashion Dawgs

Taylor Morgan said...

I like your boots :)


Katie's Bliss said...

Love your ruffled top!

Meekay said...

Love the floral print!

Nee said...

super cute outfit:) just discovered your blog and i really like it:) following you now, hope you like mine too:)