Monday, October 15, 2012

Chocolate Festival

This Sunday was the chocolate festival at Aventura mall here in Miami. Students from our school made garments out of chocolate and wrappers. I participated and here is the skirt and corset I made. I didn't win any of the places but it was on display at the mall.

I made a corset with a peplum skirt. Covered the bust in hershey kisses.
I made two of the panels out of a hershey kiss package.
The skirt is covered in hershey kiss foil with a red zipper in front.


John Marine said...

When I first followed "Deconstruction" last year you had a piece for the Chocolate Festival. This is a nice dress you made for this event. Very... sweet dress there, Mackenzie!

Oh, and I guess I've proven my loyalty to "Deconstruction" having admitted following this blog for at least a year. Your blog and your style are both awesome. ;)

when BABI speaks said...

you've got a nice blog dear and I like your creations as well! just followed you! :-)


erica marie said...

What a fun concept! I love the foil skirt, it has a futuristic look to it that's really fun. Oh and the kisses purse is just the cutest. Good job on creating this...i love it.

xo erica

The Scent of Glamour said...

Such a wonderful creation!
Do you want to follow each other?
If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!