Friday, October 21, 2011

Love is a Battle Field

Beautiful day in Miami. The air is fresh and cool. I am working at a fashion show later tonight behinde the scenes. My school gives us opportunities to sign up for Miami fashion shows where we dress models and work backstage. It's always a suprise to see what designers and models we will be working with. Can't wait to find out who it is tonight!

Dusty Rose Body Con Skirt. Black combat boots. Floral strapless shirt.

I love the combination of girlie and strong.

Skirt: Wet Seal
Combat Boots: Wet Seal
Halter Top: Wet Seal
(There was a sale that day =))

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John B. Marine said...

You are a beautiful young lady. While my preference is usually more along the lines of chic/cute, you do tough pretty well without overdoing it. You're such a pretty lady in pulling off these looks with your sweet smile and lovely hair. I probably would have gone with a pair of slouchy knee-high boots instead of combat boots, but the combat boots are surely nice to go with the top and skirt. Good one, Mackenzie! :)