Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Good morning Bloggers,

Another day at school. Today I had Pattern making and construction.
I love both classes though they are very strenuous and make an 8 hour school day.
I love that I get to work on the industrial sewing machines and start learning the basics of making patterns and constructing a garment. I love what I do!

These pants are so comfortable. Pockets, elastic cuff and waistband.

Ruffled Shoulders

Black Pants: Forever 21
Shirt: Forever21
Shoes: Steve Madden from Ross


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

So sstunning. x hivenn

John B. Marine said...

Guilty as charged- I am a sucker for ruffles. Goodness, Mackenzie... you are truly lovely! You are a young fashion goddess with divine beauty. That beauty shows nicely with your outfit here. Speaking of your studies, I wish you the absolute best. You've worked hard enough to reach this level; don't stop. Go as far as you want to in landing that dream job or career you strive for. You got me? Anyhow, looking great! :D


Martina said...

Your blog is so cute! :) Why don't you visit mine? http://pleasestrikeapose.blogspot.com/ If you like it follow me :)

Mackenzie said...

Thanks for the lovely comments=)

John your comment is very sweet as usual! I appreciate the support