Monday, October 24, 2011

Paint It Black

This outfit isnt too post-worthy but I like to try and post when I can. I wore this ruffled top with a black skirt to Dinner with my parents. They came down to Miami to leave on a cruise and I will get to see them again when the ship docks back on Friday!

It's Getting a little more like Fall in Miami and people are starting to break out the fall clothing. I decided to wear my black slouch boots. These are a great fall trend that go with almost anything and are especialy good for girls uncomfortable with heels


Anonymous said...

cute outfit :)

John B. Marine said...

You are such a young goddess. Divine beauty all around, and I like this top and skirt combination to go with these flat boots. Looking hot even as temperatures cool down! :)

Also, lovely hair and face. I swear your eyes sparkle like diamonds in your pictures. Absolutely lovely.

Mackenzie said...

Thanks Nora!